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Amazing man, full of enthusiasm and energy. Note: he infects you with enthusiasm


A great photographer, perfectly organized in time ... He can bring out all kinds of emotions, intrigue and sexiness in his photos, as you can see in his beautiful works. I heartily recommend.



Magic is my favorite photographer,

I will always remember and I hope we will meet again



He can bring that something special out of women! He is a great guy and a great photographer! I recommend him and I want more!


Favorite photographer !! I highly recommend him of course :) thanks to very relaxed atmosphere you can create stunning effects. He has a lot of ideas and knows exactly what he wants, a real PRO. A lot of laughter and of course no stiff atmosphere which is very priced


Maciej is a great guy :) First of all, I thank him for the great atmosphere at the session, so there was no question of any embarrassment (which was what I was worried about) and was guiding me how to pose as I did not have any idea how to do it. At the end he delivered me fantastic photos.


Great photographer, nice and helpful, professional. Has his own unique and distinctive style. A relaxed, exemplary atmosphere at the session. Cooperation with him was a pleasure and photoshoot itself was an interesting experience. I can't recommend him highly enough!


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